Redefine your comfort

this is what the perfect balance of technology and design can serve. Find out why Tupik is unique.


It’s not just an Air conditioner.It brings new way of thinking about your comfort. The Tupik – The comfort revolution

  • The beauty of what we have engineered is to give you 365 days personal comfort without compromising your privacy.
  • Tupik is the ultimate consolidation of form structure, shelter material and host that is beautiful to look at as it is to use.
  • Knowing that you will be spend quality amount of time with your bed, we get Tupik to cover it up.
  • the smooth feel of walls and solid structure form will fall you in love with Tupik.
  • Economic
  • Air Venti +
  • Comfort 365
  • Environment
  • Privacy
  • Convenient
  • Movable
  • wiser Pays Less
    • Tupik’s design combination gives you perfect comfort in low power consumption.
    • Tupik consumes 400 watts only. That means only 3 Incandescent Light bulb!
    • Ultimately you’re saving in daily electricity bill without compromising comfort
    Let Open Windows
    • Spare yourself. Windows are made to be open. Let the fresh air comes in. It’s Life!
    • When it comes to natural Air and good ventilation, we think of your health.
    • Unlike the Room air conditioners and Room Heaters, Tupik prefers to keep windows open.
    It’s Breathable!
    • We consider natural air ventilation as one of the prime comfort.
    • To enrich you with natural Air, we crafted breathable Tupik walls that helps air to disperse in and out for your good health and good sleep.
    Breathe pure
    • Tupik walls filter most of the air particles of outer air before it reaches to you.
    365 days comfort
    • Cool Summer ,Warm in Winter, No Mosquitoes
    • Yes! You read right. No matter how hot, cold or humid outside, you can feel pleasant inside.
    • Making you sick will be the dream of mosquitoes when you’re covered with beautifully crafted smooth walls.
    • Tupik’s all weather design makes you comfortable every day, every season.


    • Less warm air affects less on environment. using R134a eco-friendly refrigerant
    • such saved energy by low consumption can helps to lighten up more darker villages
    design for you
    • Each of us is different so our bed sizes too.
    • Tupik tent structure and walls are elegantly designed to be flexible according to most of the bed sizes.
    Ssshh..! It’s Secret
    • secret talks & quality moments makes us vibrant weather it’s social, personal or romantic. To nurture it, privacy concerns a lot.
    • The specially designed Tupik cover can hide a lot for you to be yourself.
    Plug it & Go
    • Unlike Air conditioners, Tupik does not require any special wiring & Installation by expert technician.
    • Installation can be done by single person. Any 5A plug is suitable to power it up. Just Plug it and Go.
    Take it with you
    • Tupik is movable, compact and easy to carry with. Installation and uninstallation is the matter of minutes.

    13 kg of weight and its compact

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