1. What is Tupik ?
  • Tupik is the name we chose for Our Product “All Weather Bed Tent”. It contains Lightweight Structure, A Tent Cover and heat exchanger host.
2. How Tupik Works?
  • Install it on your bed. Feel cool in Summer, warm in winter and it protects you from mosquitoes in all season.
3. Why should I buy Tupik ?
  • Relax. Tupik is economic. It’s Electricity bill cost is minimum as Rs 300 per moth. It gives healthy air ventilation too.
4. What is other benefit of Tupik?
  • Tupik acts as heater too. It protects from mosquitoes. It gives you focused comfort and Bed Personal Privacy.
5. Can I use Tupik all the 365 days?
  • Absolutely Yes. It is designed for 365 days comfort.
6. Where can I buy Tupik?
  • Dial +91 98 98 98 7890 or mail us on hello@tupik.in
7. What do I get when I purchase Tupik?
  • Tupik package have heat exchanging unit, Remote, Adjustable Bed Tent Structure, Adjustable Bed Tent cover and User Manual
8. Is installation so tricky?
  • Not at all. Just bring it home, follow user manual, Plug it and it’s ready. Not require any trained personnel at all.
9. I don't know my bed/Mattress size. Will it fit on my Bed?
  • Don’t worry. Yes It is. We designed special patented Tent structure and Bed fabric that can adjustable according to standard Indian bed sizes.
  • Length is adjustable (69″ to 78″) , Width is adjustable (60″ to 72″).
10. My Bed's Length or width is Oversized. What can I do?
  • Simply keep extra space open. You’re covered in Tent if your height is under 6.5 feet.
11. How long does it take to start cooling or heating?
  • Tupik switches on immediately and starts producing cold air after the compressor warm-up time of three minutes.
12. What is the cooling capacity of Tupik?
  • About 2500-3500 BTUs per hour, depending on temperature
13. Can I keep doors and windows open?
  • Yes, absolutely. It’s best to keep windows open. Tupik works best with open windows and fresh outside air.
14. What is the temperature of the Cool air vent?
  • It varies from 9 to 13 °C in closed Tent, Depending on Room Temperature.
15. How Tupik performs in humid days?
  • Tupik is designed to function in dry and humid climates. Therefore, humidity will not affect that much on the cooling power of the unit. Read cautions before using it.
16. Does extreme heat affect the cooling?
  • Tupik is designed for indoor use and It can perform well in any indoor climate up to 50°C. To avoid overheating, we recommend open room and no direct sunlight on unit.
17. Can I leave the unit running for long periods of time?
  • “Tupik can run 24 hours a day without any problems, depending on the heat and ventilation. check the air filters from time to time and clean them when needed.”
18. Does Tupik require any consumables to operate?
  • Only Electricity. Tupik does not require ice, water, batteries, gas etc.
19. Where does the hot air go?
  • Tupik exhaust gentle stream of warm air to open room area where it dissipates. Keep windows/doors open for better dissipation.
20. Can I use Tupik Outdoor?
  • Yes! It needs protection from direct sunlight and rain however.
21.How big Tupik AC unit is?
  • Tupik Ac is less than 8″ Height , 11″ Length and 18″ Depth. It is very compact, easy to move.
22. What is it's weight?
  • 13Kg only. You can move it easily and reposition it quickly
23. What will be the use of conventional Air conditioning then?
  • Tupik is enough to cool two people in the bed area. If you need to cool the entire room for a special occasion or meeting, then you should use a conventional air conditioner just for that time.
24. Can Tupik run on a Solar, generator or on alternate energy sources?
  • Yes. Tupik can run on all possible alternate energy sources, generator, UPS etc.
25. How much noisy Tupik is?
  • Tupik is rainy quiet. It is quieter then typical pedestal fans.
26. Is it harmful to be in closed tent for long time?
  • Not at all. Tupik is actually much more healthier than using a conventional air conditioner due to fresh air circulation with open windows.
  • Our Tent fabric is breathable that allows enough air in and out as required for two person.
27. Does Tupik use a refrigerant?
  • Yes. It uses R134a, which is a fluorinated refrigerant gas. R134a does not harm the ozone layer significantly.
28. Do I need to clean any of its Parts?
  • Apart from the filters and fins, no other part of unit requires cleaning or servicing.
29. Warranty?
  • Tupik AC comes with one year warranty. Tent Fabric and structure are not covered in warranty however.
30. How soon I recover my purchase price?
  • If you use Tupik 10 hours a day against conventional Air conditioner, you could recover initial cost within few months by saving on electricity bills.
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