• Our Mission is to bring Economic comfort to Life
  • Tupik works to develop innovative products that makes life beautiful, convenient yet Economic.
  • Tupik is built by 2 young Indian Entrepreneurs in Gujarat, the state that popular for it’s business minded people.
  • Our Facilities are located in Ahmadabad. We handle Research and Development, Distribution, Commercial and Administration out of it.
Conception / Genesis
  • “India is not a better place for personal growth” that’s what ears heard till the day. All we have seen many around us fly out in hope of better future.
  • We believe that Each Ingenious Indian have creativity that could bring Innovation to Life.
  • Creativity needs both Inspiration and Platform and that’s why we decided to build Tupik.
  • We started journey of creation from inside out with our first product “Tupik – the Small Wonder”
Tupik Seeding
  • As soon founder came back to the India after reside in the UAE, he installed 1.5Ton Inverter AC in his bedroom, obviously as normal tech folk.
  • Now he was expecting an economic light bill what every Indian does. But the fact was different! He got light bill beyond his expectation.
  • That’s how his think machine started over. He searched on energy, heat, thermodynamics, Air conditioning, Ventilation, human physiology, human body behaviour and Insulation though he studied engineering.
  • He met bunch of unknown people during his search journey.
  • At last he conclude that up to 80% of cooling energy used to cool Roof, Floor, walls, furniture, clothes and electronics of Room and its totally waste!
  • The other fact he comes to know that very poor ventilation during close AC Room operation. Where is fresh Air!?
  • He turned up, decided to let fresh air in and not to pay for unnecessary 80% energy. In Add on he thinks for Winter and mosquitoes too and that’s how Tupik comes to the world.
Meet Us
  • The Inventor and formal founder, Mr Ravi Patel
  • Ravi Patel is an engineer, completed his graduation in Instrumentation and Control Stream in the Atmiya Institute of Technology and Science at the University of Saurashtra, Gujarat.
  • Ravi started his career in Industrial Automation stream. He got chance to build and execute divergent process programming. In early period of his carrier, he lead Automation projects as well. He Travels India all around. His curious vision and opportunities turns his work in multi disciple experience. With this experience, he joined well known pharmaceutical machine manufacturer as Automation Engineer to gain pharma guidelines and precise programming techniques. He visited different pharma companies around India and had chance to work in various vibrant cultures.
  • To be more responsible, Ravi Started his journey as Entrepreneur and built own company named Voltek Engineering with like minded team. Today it turned up into worth of 12 million Turn Over company. After 30 months of company’s smooth operation, He handed over management to partners and fly UAE to have International exposure in the field of wireless Industrial Automation and Digital Field. It’s been 22 months and he turned back to India. Then the rest you know.
Meet Us
  • The Co-Inventor, Mr Ketan Patel
  • Ketan doesn’t like “L” in Learn, so he started with “Earn”. After completion of basic education, he Started to help in father’s watch repairing business at the age of 16. He likes every legal possible way to earn. he tried his hand with watch repairing, Knitting, diamond maker etc. and succeed. His mind seeks more challenges all the time and He turned into surveyor in one of survey company. He roam each and every village of Gujarat State and almost all the states of India for 6 years. He closely experience each civilian, community and culture.
  • During earlier days of Indian telecommunication revolution, to be steady, Ketan started mobile shop at the age of 24. He earned the techy and respectful businessman reputation among the local crowd. As the edge passed, he associated with world famous ceramic industry of Morbi, Gujarat.
  • During the routine conversation with Ravi, he comes to know about Tupik and shows interest in initial experiments and then he started active participation in every next thing of Tupik. He guided Ravi on certain aspect and facilitate Ravi by his earned contacts to built over 24 prototypes.
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