Breathe Pure
Bye bye big Electric Bills
Focused Comfort
Think Environment First

Did you know facts?

  • A Conventional Room Air conditioner
  • A Conventional Room Air cooler
  • A Conventional Room Heater
  • A Mosquito repellent / killers
  • Needs up to 2400 watts of power
  • Up to 80% Energy is wasted to cool down
    walls, ceiling, floor, furniture, clothes & appliances
  • Healthy Air ventilation compromise that
    Depends on gaps of windows & Doors
  • May cause Headache, Allergies, Lethargy, illness due to poor air ventilation
  • Requires trained technician to Install
  • Need special power line setup
  • Playing lead role in Global Warming
  • Needs two utilities: water & electricity
  • Stale water gives foul smell
  • Create more humid atmosphere
  • Breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • May Cause asthma & respiratory problems
  • Noisy operations, throwing waters out,
  • Cooling temp. depends on environment temp.
  • Electric shock as leakage current in water
  • Storage issue after summer season
  • Could cause Fire accident
  • Could cause accidental burns
  • Uneven heat dissipation
  • Room Overheating
  • Burns room Oxygen
  • Air ventilation compromise due to closed doors & Windows
  • Depletes the moisture content in the air
  • Using chemicals compositions
  • Caution : Keep children out of reach


  • Economic

    Save your hard money
    in Electricity bills

  • Air Venti +

    Breathable walls.
    Keep windows open

  • Comfort 365

    Cool Summer; Warm
    Winter; No Mosquitos

  • Environment

    less energy, less warm air.
    R134a refrigerant

  • Privacy

    Walls can hide a lot

  • Convenient

    Easy to Install. Plug it and Go

  • Movable

    13Kg Compact.

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